Ready to Remove Lead-Based Paint?

Look into lead paint removal services in North Bergen, NJ

Once you find out that you're facing lead-based paint hazards, you may not know what to do. Stay calm and speak with Saul Environmental Corp. We offer lead paint removal services in the North Bergen, NJ area. Our lead abatement team will attempt to scrape away at the problem areas. If this fails, we'll remove and replace the infected areas. Alternatively, we can encapsulate surfaces to prevent the release of lead dust.

Find out what you can expect from us

Since you most likely haven't needed lead abatement services before, you may not know what to expect. You can count on us to:

  • Create a detailed abatement plan
  • Check and secure any required permits
  • Establish containment barriers to prevent any spreading
  • Scrape, remove or encapsulate the areas with lead issues
  • Clean and decontaminate the problem areas to free them of debris

After we finish, we'll perform clearance testing to verify the lead levels are below acceptable limits. If they are, we'll implement an ongoing maintenance program to ensure the problem doesn't occur again. Get in touch with us today to schedule lead paint removal services.

Other services include:

  • Lead Hazard Reduction
  • Lead Contaminated Dust Control
  • Lead Based Paint Cleanup
  • Lead Paint Enclosure
  • Lead Paint Encapsulation
  • Lead Waste Disposal